Video Gallery

Spring Concert May 2018

El Toro, Brubaker

Procession of Knights, Brubaker


Concert Orchestra, Mask of Zorro

Concert Orchestra, Motown Forever, Moore

Frances Owen, Violin Concerto No 2in G Major–Allegro Moderato, Haydn

Owen Fernandez, Cello Concerto No 1 in A Minor–Allegro Assai, Bach

Tilden Fernandez, Rumanian Folk Dances, Bartok

Parker Sullivan, The Meadowlark, Sullivan

Ava Milstein, The Elephant from Carnival of the Animals, St Saens

Carmen Day, Cello Concerto No 1 in A Minor–Allegro Non Troppo, St Saens

Leah Patek, Violin Concerto No 2–Romance–Romance, Wieniawski

Combined Orchestras, Vanishing Pointe, Meyer

Fall Concert 11/29/17

Overture From Russlan and Ludmilla (Glinka)
Mambo, from West Side Story (Bernstein)
Prelude from Holberg Suite (Grieg)
Music For Strings (Allegro Giojoso, Porter)
Rhythm Dances (Balmages)
Swamp Thang (Stompin the Bayou, Meyer)
Symphony 4 (first movement, Boyce)
North Star To Freedom (Newbold)
Matador (Day)
Canzona Per Sonare No 2 (Gabrieli)
Thank You
Legend (O’Fallon)

String Ensemble at Foxfield 9/24/17

–1  La Rejouissance
–2 Danny Boy
–3 Baby Elephant Walk
–4 Matador
–5 Hallelujah
–6 Mambo
–7 Canzona Per Sonare
–8 California Dreamin
–9 Russlan and Ludmilla
–10 Rockin Halloween
–11 Air
–12 Hawaii Five O
–13 Swamp Thang
–14 La Rejouissance
–15 Pink Panther

Ireland Tour Videos and Photos

CHSO Ireland Videos

VA Beach Fiesta-Val April 2017
String Ensemble:

Simple Symphony, first movement (B. Britten)
Adagio for Strings (S. Barber)
Serenade for Strings, first movement (P. I. Tchaikovsky)

Combined CHSO:
Fugue (A.Vivaldi, arr. Lipton)
Perseus (S. Newbold)
Danse Bacchanale (C.  St. Saens, arr. Hoffman)

Spring Concert  May 22, 2016
Bach, Organ Concerto in A Minor
Sibelius, Andante Festivo
Micah Hunter-Chang-Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto in D Major
Charlie Manning-Vivaldi, Concerto in E Minor
Mary Stelow-Mozart, Concerto No 3 for Violin in G Major
Rachel Jones-Eccles, Sonata in G Minor
Bethany Reitsma-Hubay, Hejre Kati
Randall Crittendon-Dragonetti, Concerto for Bass in G Major
Sydney Saunders-Faure, Apres Un Reve
Prince, Let’s Go Crazy
Newbold, The Odyssey

Nashville Fiesta-Val

Combined CHSO: Andante Festivo
Combined CHSO: Organ Concerto (Bach/Vivaldi) mvt. 1
Combined CHSO: Overture to the Wind

String Ensemble: St. Paul’s mvt 1

String Ensemble: St. Paul’s mvt 3

String Ensemble: St. Paul’s mvt 4

String Ensemble: Gettysburg


December 2 Winter Concert

Concert Orchestra: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, first movement

String Ensemble: Spring, from the Four Seasons, last movement:

2015 VMEA Performance by String Ensemble

2015 Spring Concert Videos
Symphony no. 25 (Mozart/Brubaker)
Bailes Para Orquesta (R. Meyer) Part 1
Bailes Para Orquesta (R. Meyer) Part 2
Elegie (Fauré)
Scene de Ballet (de Beriot)
Winter, first movement (Vivaldi)
Cello Concerto in C (Haydn)
Bitter Sweet Symphony (Jagger/Richards)
Irish Fiddle Medley (Traditional)