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Our 2014 Painted Violins
These works can be seen at Pigment
McIntire Plaza, Jan 7-31

Move your mouse over a violin to see the other side of it.

Heat by MB
Flight Behavior by Aaron Eichorst
Maple on Cypress by Heidi Hutson
Maple on Cypress (side view)
If I Ever Would Leave You (side view)
If Ever I Would Leave You by Lynn Eheart
If Ever I Would Leave You (Camelot)
Hum by Linda Winecoff
Ikat and Ogee by Eileen French
Blue Ridge Mountains by Meg West
A Boy and His Song by Christy Baker
Musica by Vail Prior
Musica by Vail (side view)
Plucking the Heartstrngs (sideview)
Plucking the Heartstrings by Jenny Cadieux
Plucking the Heartstrings (side view)

Zakk Wilde's Violin by Mitch Hillman

Aprés Matisse Karen Blair




Autographed by Boyd Tinsley

Autographed by Boyd Tinsley
City in the Clouds by Carl Schwarz

Flight by Katherine Hutchins
Untitled by Aaron Baker
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